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Built on Distech Controls' EC-Net platform and leveraging its same infrastructure, EC-Net Access offers all the functionality expected from a leading-edge access control system. Our solution further incorporates the latest in mobile-friendly access reader technologies for the ultimate occupant experience, as well as integrations for photo ID badging, visitor management and video monitoring. A fully scalable solution that can integrate with your BAS and other building systems, Trinity Automated Solutions' offering is ideal for projects ranging from single door installations to multi-building deployments, providing unmatched flexibility and ease-of-use.

  • Access control, video monitoring and visitor management systems leverage same EC-BOS-8 and EC-Net Supervisor that is used for the BAS, all based on EC-Net 4
  • Intuitive Web client user interface offers easy system setup and administration to multiple users from anywhere at anytime
  • Zone management monitors and arms/disarms secured areas, provides people counting capabilities in zones, sets occupancy limits
  • Threat-level management manually or automatically changes building access control based on up to 255 different threat levels
  • Create custom graphics to give operators quick access to critical information
  • Mobile credentials put more control into the hands of your users by turning their mobile device into access badges
  • Configurable Wiegand formats to avoid replacing existing credentials and readers when retrofitting systems
  • Elevator floor control establishes individual floor access for better, more secure occupant access management
  • Database integration to quickly import data from other access control systems or HR databases
  • Photo ID integration to print badges and verify identity by comparing photo to video feed
  • Video system integration to view and control cameras from the same console as other building functions
Access Control

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