Is Your Building Smart Enough to Save Lives?

According to Homeland Security statistics, “the average police response time in an active shooter event is 18 minutes. And 70% incidents ended in 5 minutes or less. That’s why dialing 911 is critically important, but not more important than creating distance between you and life-threatening violence.”

Trinity Automated Solutions can implement LightAway, a one of a kind technology, that can greatly reduce confusion and panic in an emergency situation. Preplanning an emergency exit is not the answer! What if your exit strategy leads you right to the fire or active shooter?

Shooting Statistics

Statistics indicate active shooter events are occurring with increasing frequency and affecting many industry segments. Research indicates those active shooter events where Law Enforcement response times were minimized dramatically decreased casualties. For every minute that an active shooter incident takes place, on average one person dies, and two are injured.

Having a rapid Access Control and Notification system capable of performing lock-down protocols and notifying Law Enforcement & First Responders within seconds after threat detection is crucial during an active shooter event!

45% of the shootings took place in businesses

25% in schools

10% in Government facilities

Shooting Stats

Products & Models

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Adaptive Wayfinding via Situational Lighting

LightAwayTM, patent pending, is the first and only lighting control system that integrates existing or new smart building systems to communicate with the occupants through visual identification of the current building status via the overhead lighting.

LightAway controls RGBW lighting dynamically, to identify locations of building emergencies such as fire alarms, active shooter signaling, chemical spills, or hazardous environmental conditions. The system does not require human intervention to guide occupants toward preferred egress or ingress locations. It notifies occupants of the situation via specific dynamic lighting changes, and continues to respond for the duration of the emergency. LightAway works in new or existing building systems and network infrastructure, and even light fixtures via LED retrofit kits.

Features & Benefits:

  • LightAway integrates building systems using them as eyes and ears continuously
  • LightAway notifies occupants of the situation via specific dynamic lighting changes
  • LightAway signals recommended action based on the threat, proximity, and available egress options
  • LightAway identifies locations of building emergencies such as fire, intrusion, or active shooter
  • LightAway notifies occupants using existing building lighting fixtures retrofitted with RGBW LED lighting kits (does not rely on public address systems or cell phone alerts)
  • LightAway visually guides occupants out of the building via the safest route from their location

Access Control Solutions

Built on Distech Controls' EC-Net platform and leveraging its same infrastructure, EC-Net Access offers all the functionality expected from a leading-edge access control system. Our solution further incorporates the latest in mobile-friendly access reader technologies for the ultimate occupant experience, as well as integrations for photo ID badging, visitor management and video monitoring. A fully scalable solution that can integrate with your BAS and other building systems, Trinity Automated Solutions' offering is ideal for projects ranging from single door installations to multi-building deployments, providing unmatched flexibility and ease-of-use.

  • Access control, video monitoring and visitor management systems leverage same EC-BOS-8 and EC-Net Supervisor that is used for the BAS, all based on EC-Net 4
  • Intuitive Web client user interface offers easy system setup and administration to multiple users from anywhere at anytime
  • Zone management monitors and arms/disarms secured areas, provides people counting capabilities in zones, sets occupancy limits
  • Threat-level management manually or automatically changes building access control based on up to 255 different threat levels
  • Create custom graphics to give operators quick access to critical information
  • Mobile credentials put more control into the hands of your users by turning their mobile device into access badges
  • Configurable Wiegand formats to avoid replacing existing credentials and readers when retrofitting systems
  • Elevator floor control establishes individual floor access for better, more secure occupant access management
  • Database integration to quickly import data from other access control systems or HR databases
  • Photo ID integration to print badges and verify identity by comparing photo to video feed
  • Video system integration to view and control cameras from the same console as other building functions
Access Control

Products & Models


With Internet connectivity and Web serving capability, the EC-BOS-8 controller provides integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling, and network management. Also, it allows integration of various field buses and communication protocols. The EC-BOS-8 controller operates with EC-Net 4 web-based building management platform.


  • 2GB user storage can carry the load of EC-Net 4 and more user data
  • 1000MHz processor with secure boot feature offers fast performance and authentication of data storage prior to station startup
  • USB port offers support for station backup and restore
  • Two on-board isolated RS-485 ports for connecting BACnet MS/TP and Modbus RTU devices.
  • Expandable with up to 4 modules for additional communication ports including LONWORKS®, RS-232 and RS-485 networks
  • Users can easily check system status by glancing at the front panel LEDs to diagnose network issues
  • No need for an additional voltage transformer since EC-BOS-8 is powered directly by global standard 24VAC/DC power supply.
  • On-board native support of Wi-Fi (Access Point or Client) in addition to the two standard 10/100Mb Ethernet ports for IP-based communication

Remote Reader


  • Interface for two typical access-controlled doors.
  • Two Wiegand reader ports compatible with most standard Wiegand proximity readers are included, along with four supervised inputs for monitoring the status of doors and requests-to-exit, and two form C relay outputs for controlling door locks.
  • Two additional non-supervised inputs are provided for monitoring the status of the enclosure door or power supply

Remote I/O


  • Eight supervised inputs for monitoring dry contacts from access devices, such as motion sensors, glass break detectors, door and window status switches, and other critical building alarms.
  • Eight form-C relay outputs may be used for controlling alarm indicating devices, elevator floor control, alarm dialers, door locks, and other building equipment.
  • Two additional non-supervised inputs are provided for monitoring enclosure door status or power supply status.

EC-Net 4 Supervisor

The EC-Net 4 Supervisor is a software platform used in server-class applications. It makes managing all buildings at an enterprise level possible, giving facilities managers the ability to quickly respond to problems and insights to optimize their system.


  • Allows multiple EC-BOS series controllers, along with other ECLYPSE Connected IP and Wi-Fi products series, to be networked together.
  • Serves real-time graphical information to standard Web-browser clients and provides server-level functions, such as :
    • centralized data logging/trending
    • archiving to external databases
    • Alarming
    • Dashboarding
    • System navigation
    • Master scheduling
    • Database management
    • Integration with other enterprise software applications through an XML interface (oBIX standard)
    • Tag your data with preloaded or custom dictionaries
  • Create standardized templates that can be reused for other projects and applications
  • Adaptive end user views are displayed using HTML5, for a consistent user experience across all web browsers and devices, including desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Advanced authentication and encryption process

Is Your Facility Smart Enough to Save Lives?

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