Niagara 4

Niagara 4

Limitless Possibilities for Innovation

Niagara is a complete management and control solution, used to create buildings that are smarter, more efficient, safer, use less energy, have lower operating costs, contribute to a sustainable environment and deliver a substantial ROI.

Niagara offers compelling value to building owners and facility management. With Niagara, conventional facilities can be transformed into dynamic, flexible and intelligent buildings with higher efficiencies, lower costs and greater returns.

From security to elevators to HVAC to lighting, Niagara enables comprehensive monitoring and management of nearly every aspect of your facilities. Niagara solutions allow you to:

  • Preserve existing investments and integrate them with new technologies
  • Access and control all of your diverse systems through any standard web browser
  • Combine information from different systems to support better overall facility management
  • Specify interoperable systems and applications from multiple vendors—eliminating vendor lock
  • Generate return on investment, reduce energy costs, increase tenant satisfaction, improve security and gain greater control of your buildings

Niagara 4 builds on the legacy of the Niagara Framework® in new and exciting ways. It’s less reliant on browser plug-ins, faster and easier to use. A truly open framework, Niagara 4 delivers a variety of notable improvements to help businesses take full advantage of the Internet of Things, including advanced visualization and new search, security and navigation tools.

Niagara 4.7 brings support for the newest platform, Niagara Edge 10 controller! By leveraging the Niagara Framework®, Edge 10 offers 20,000+ Niagara certified professionals a single open programming tool infrastructure and the ability to create smarter more efficient systems with world-class cyber security.

Products & Models



IP-based IO controller powered by Niagara Framework

Niagara Edge 10 is a 10-point IP-based field equipment controller that runs the Niagara Framework® at the edge. By leveraging the Niagara Framework, Niagara Edge 10 offers a single-tool infrastructure, the ability to create smarter, more efficient systems, and world-class security.

Quickly build your network

Based on the volume of edge devices at a site, adding devices to your Supervisor may be a challenge. Join edge devices to your network more quickly with tools that ease the process of adding and managing a field of edge devices, which reduces overall installation and configuration time.

Easily manage and deploy updates

Edge devices typically have a single purpose, with multiple devices serving the same function. Use Niagara to create application templates and deploy to multiple devices with specific properties unique to each device.

Keep your network secure

Security is always critical, but implementing it across numerous devices on a network can be tedious. Tridium has built tools that assist systems integrators in provisioning and managing security settings across devices.

JACE 8000


A modular approach 4 global design

Tridium has created an all-new hardware platform optimized for Niagara 4: the JACE 8000 controller. This next-generation controller features a global design that functions with legacy systems and has the ability to scale for future needs. The JACE 8000 controller offers significant improvements over previous generations.

Introducing the new JACE 8000 Trade Up program for 2018. This is the year to make the move to the more advanced and secure Niagara 4 platform. Trade legacy JACE controllers for JACE 8000s loaded with more analytic points and power.

Efficient global design

The new, modular design of the JACE 8000 controller makes it easy to install, integrate and deploy. Tool-less installation with expansion capability reduces installation complexity and improves flexibility. Systems integrators can focus on engineering solutions, not assembling components.

Wireless capability

Standard Wi-Fi offers enhanced wireless capability when interfacing with the next generation of wireless sensors and devices. The JACE 8000 controller also is configurable as an access point so that mobile phones and tablets can display information and advanced graphics. Expansion also is available when interfacing with other wireless fieldbuses seen in connected buildings.

Optimized for Niagara 4

The JACE 8000 controller leverages the exciting new features of Niagara 4. It adds to the enhanced user experience, maximizing Niagara 4’s key advantages: pure Web interface based on HTML5 with HTML5 views, charting and data visualization, a common design language, better reporting, robust security and improved device management.

With simple configuration, tool-less installation, low-cost integration and high-powered performance, the JACE 8000 controller is a dramatic evolution in connecting and controlling devices worldwide.

Monitor, Control, Schedule and Analyze Your Building Assets Like Never Before

JACE 8000 IO R

Supported by Niagara 4.3, the IO R enhances the JACE 8000 by providing a direct connection to simple sensor and device inputs and outputs remotely located up to 4,000 feet (1,200 metres) away. It's design simplicity, technical sophistication and more, in both a 16 and 34 point module.

Jace 8000 IO R

An updated NDIO to NRIO conversion for easy migration of your existing system, and programmable default states for analog and digital outputs, are among the many exciting features. Improve your system by connecting the IO R with your sensors, devices and assets, and create intelligence.

Gain Intelligence into Your Buildings Performance

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