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Trinity Automated Solutions provides Smart Room Control Solutions that operated as an end-to-end system for the control of HVAC room terminal equipment, Lighting, and Shades/Sunblind, achieving the highest levels of comfort for occupants while increasing operating cost savings, from installation time and wiring/material requirements to energy consumption.

It is a unique, modular solution designed for local or room applications, such as offices, patient rooms, dorms, military housing, etc.

Unified Solutions for Increased ROI:

The Smart Room Control Solution delivers energy savings in excess of 30% on HVAC and 60% on lighting, resulting in the lowest total cost of ownership via unified control with only one product configured.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  • Only one product configured
  • Simplifies design, reduces installation time and costs, improves maintenance and serviceability, and increases reliability of multi-application integration

Energy Savings Delivered

  • Using unified occupancy-based control strategies, daylight harvesting based on light level sensing and natural light optimization
  • The automation of shades/sunblind increases the insulation factor of windows

Innovative ECO-Vue™ Leaf Pattern

  • Available on the Allure EC-Smart-Vue and myPERSONIFY mobile app
  • Graphically indicates energy consumption in real-time and encourages occupants’ energy-conscious behavior.
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Lighting and Sunblind Control

For maximized occupant wellbeing and efficiency, optimal lighting should be delivered at the right place and at the right time. Trinity Automated Solutions' lighting control platform, Distech Controls', can be unified with your BMS system while still allowing you to design your lighting environment exactly as you like.

Our unique, modular solution is designed for local or room applications, such as offices, open spaces, patient rooms, dorms and military housing.

Our Smart Room Control solution to the EC-Light relay panels, can reduce lighting energy usage by up to an estimated 70% via a multitude of energy saving control techniques.

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