LightAwayTM, patent pending, is the first and only lighting control system that integrates existing or new smart building systems to communicate with the occupants through visual identification of the current building status via the overhead lighting.

LightAway controls RGBW lighting dynamically, to identify locations of building emergencies such as fire alarms, active shooter signaling, chemical spills, or hazardous environmental conditions. The system does not require human intervention to guide occupants toward preferred egress or ingress locations. It notifies occupants of the situation via specific dynamic lighting changes, and continues to respond for the duration of the emergency. LightAway works in new or existing building systems and network infrastructure, and even light fixtures via LED retrofit kits.

LightAway Alarm

Features & Benefits

  • LightAway integrates building systems using them as eyes and ears continuously
  • LightAway notifies occupants of the situation via specific dynamic lighting changes
  • LightAway signals recommended action based on the threat, proximity, and available egress options
  • LightAway identifies locations of building emergencies such as fire, intrusion, or active shooter
  • LightAway notifies occupants using existing building lighting fixtures retrofitted with RGBW LED lighting kits (does not rely on public address systems or cell phone alerts)
  • LightAway visually guides occupants out of the building via the safest route from their location

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