Facility Fitness Program

Trinity Automated Solutions has created an assessment tool to identify “vulnerability” and gaps related to SPECIFIC business drivers related to YOUR BUSINESS including but not limited to the following criteria:

  • Customer experience / satisfaction
  • Customer safety including infection control mitigation
  • Code, compliance, regulatory
  • Average age of plant to provide “predictable” capital and technology renewal strategies
  • Energy and operational cost reduction measures

Sample Vulnerability Matrix Results

3 Stage Process

Stage 1

  • Initial “High Level” Vulnerability Assessment of your facility and operations
    (Trinity is willing to deliver the is first phase at zero cost)

Stage 2

  • Review preliminary assessment and co-author with YOU the CUSTOMER.
    (Focus on key vulnerabilities)
  • Detailed engineering and development of clear implementation plan for identified vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvement
  • Provide NO Cost / Low Cost funding options
  • Provide funding “IF NECESSARY” as an implementation General Contractor per our relationship with Constellation Energy; leveraging their Efficiency Made Easy® (EME) Program, eliminating the need for an upfront capital expenditure

Stage 3

  • Trinity assumes responsibility and risk for total implementation to ensure both operational and financial results for implementation for any agreed upon solutions including any needed on-going support.  Turnkey implementation