Efficiency Made Easy

Through our partnerships, Trinity Automated Solutions offers several different financing options without the need for upfront capital. When considering energy efficiency projects, successfully choosing the right efficiency provider to help identify and develop solutions to meet your goals can be challenging, and is only part of the process – you also need to consider how to pay for these upgrades that provide long term benefits. That's why Trinity Automated Solutions offers on-balance and off-balance sheet financing options that suit your specific business goals.

Considering the right financing is crucial to your bottom line. This unique, award-winning solution provides an opportunity to pay for these conservation measures with no upfront capital through monthly charges that appear as a single, fixed-price line item as part of your monthly competitive power or gas supply bill. You can realize cost savings through a reduction in consumption and an improved load profile, which will positively impact future energy costs and the ability to meet environmental goals over time. If you would like to speak with one of our experts on this cost-savings program, please contact us directly.