Cloud-Based Analytics

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You rely on equipment for the operations of your building, facility, plant or campus, but what are you missing?  What could it tell you about its performance, problems, energy usage, or misconfigurations?  Trinity Automated Solutions offers world-class real time continuous monitoring systems for any facility or service.  Our enterprise cloud Smart Monitoring solution, engineered by FacilityConneX, is designed to improve facility and equipment performance and costs. It connects machines, data, insights, and people – providing a “Smart View” of infrastructure performance and alerting you to problems anytime, anywhere via browser or smartphone.

Powered by GE software, FacilityConneX delivers value quickly because it is pre-configured to analyze over 200 system and equipment types located anywhere throughout your facility and remote locations. Our experts work with you throughout your subscription, making this a real managed service.

Cloud-Based Analytics

How FacilityConnex Works

Continuous Monitoring: As soon as your equipment is connected, FacilityConneX is gathering and storing the necessary data so the analytics can go to work and identify issues before they become critical problems.

Fault Detection and Diagnostics: Facility managers today face a range of tough challenges that can potentially disrupt the day to day comfort of their occupants. What is you could predict failure and prevent it? Our Predictive Analytics ensures that the comfort of your facilities’ occupants is never compromised while providing energy savings to the bottom line.

Knowledge to Action: Identifying and preventing failures will not only save money against your asset and output efficiency, it will limit unnecessary preventive maintenance costs and save on energy usage and cost. Analytic Views can show you which assets are the real problems within your fleet while Analytic Dashboards inform you which problems require your attention and which ones you can ignore.

Identify Energy Savings: Equipment at your facilities is complex with systems from variety of different vendors and manufacturers. Increased costs can result from dispersed maintenance schedules, service agreements, equipment performance degradation and a lack of insight into ensuring that all their equipment runs in harmony with one another. Without real-time visibility, hidden costs cam come from equipment downtime, energy waste, and increased maintenance and service costs.

All Your Data in One Place: We recognize that some of your equipment may not be able to connect automatically.  You are probably already gathering data manually.  Our Manual Data Entry process uses forms to gather the information once on a mobile device and have it automatically be integrated with the rest of the data used for analytics and notifications.

Anytime, Anywhere

The first step in improving operational efficiency is to get the right information Anytime, Anywhere. No more guessing.

Get the Information You Need: Your equipment can tell you what is happening continuously. You need a system that filters the disparate data everywhere into critical information in a single concise view. With FacilityConneX, this is all done in the cloud requiring no additional administration, configuration, or hardware costs.

Going mobile is better with the cloud: You are connected anytime, anywhere – working in a mobile application that was made for the Industrial Internet and designed for the needs of the Operator and Maintenance personnel. Tailored to combine Performance, Alarming, and Collaboration across your fleet providing constant and immediate access to all your critical information; available via Browser, Tablets, and Smart Phones.

Find the information you  need quickly and easily: The structured navigation features also give you the ability to analyze your existing SCADA alarms, Historian data or 3rd party sources, allowing you to add the necessary context to your existing data, no matter the source; One source of truth! The built-in intelligence capability captures your key process indicators and equipment relationships forming plant wide and asset level detailed displays.

Assets and processes are tracked using key performance indicators: These indicators allow users to be notified of information and alerts conditions and trends that may be occurring. GE Proficy, the power behind FacilityConneX, tracks and trends all key performance indicators from many systems, and provides operators with the tools to view current, historical and predictive information.

Central Utility Plant Analytics


Alert Key Personnel to Resolve Issues Fast: Aggregated asset and fleet health displays intelligently alert the user to a current condition or predictive condition drawing his attention to the most critical information. With advanced notifications and recommended condition-based actions, the operator reacts to conditions and alarms with state and severity as a leading indicator of a process or equipment in trouble. Notify Now takes you to action.

Patented GEO-Intelligence: GEO-intelligence technology by GE enables the system to intelligently provide information to the user based on their location, role, and asset location. This technology uses situational awareness technology that combines criticality of situation with location and proximity to ensure that the user has the information they need, saving time and cost.

Advanced Notifications and Task Assignment: Have you ever received a text and rushed to get out to door only to find out some had fixed it already? Advanced Notification in FacilityConneX brings you alarms, data, and knowledge allowing you to see the current conditions and who has the ownership. Timed escalations and task assignments are built in to the system making your life easier and your operations more efficient.

Air Handler Analytics


Know in Advance with Proactive Detection: Smart Asset Monitoring is the next generation of connection and visualization technology designed to take the machine level state and data, and transform it into human consumable operational information anytime, anywhere. No more guessing at what is wrong with your equipment; let your equipment tell you what it needs!

Asset Intelligence that Predicts Failures:Temperature trending up? Is that related to the increase in Water Pressure? Is this a problem? Is this a crisis? Humans cannot predict failure, but your assets have the data and can tell you if they are trending out of control and if they are starting to fail. Let your assets intelligently tell the operators what is required to keep them running, what issues are occurring, and how to change a failure trend. Identifying and preventing failures will not only save money against your machine and output efficiency; it will limit unnecessary preventive maintenance costs and save on energy usage and cost.

Analytics in Real-time with FCX Reasoners and Dashboards: You need Advanced Analytics to make sense of all of the data your equipment generates.  The complexity and interactions between equipment and controllers are hard to gain complete visibility with 100s of systems and 1000s of dependencies between your systems, You need FacilityConneX Reasoners to bring the most advanced predictive detection and analysis available on the market today.

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