Trinity Automated Solutions provides seamless and intelligent integration of HVAC, lighting, access control, CCTV, energy management, and other building systems through EC-Net’s building automation system (BAS).

EC-Net BAS is a powerful cost-effective and scalable integration solution for all your control, monitoring, and operational needs. A truly open solution, the platform evolves with your building system's lifecycle to create a sustainable foundation.

The open structure of EC-Net building management system (BMS) creates a common development and management environment for the integration of BACnet®, LONWORKS®, Modbus™, and other standards.

EC-Net system is more than just a building management system. It gives you all the tools needed to react quickly to any situation that may adversely affect energy costs, business performance, and ultimately, your bottom line. Gain intelligence into your buildings’ performance today by contact us for a consultation.

building automation system


  • Program, manage, and monitor your building automation system using a Web browser
  • Monitor, acknowledge, and review alarms with sophisticated alarm processing and routing, including e-mail and paging
  • Choose best-of-breed products and prolong the useful life of existing systems by extending their capabilities, regardless of manufacturer or protocol
  • Open standards provide a useful, cost-effective infrastructure for convergence with IT networks
  • Common platform provides global functions such as network control, monitoring, alarming, database and log management, and audit trails for all building functions
  • Manage multi-site or campuses with one system
  • Leverage real-time business intelligence through connectivity with enterprise applications such as accounting, tenant billing, and energy management and utility monitoring interfaces

Gain Intelligence into Your Buildings Performance

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