Automatic Temperature Control

Trinity Automated Solutions provides Automatic Temperature Control (ATC) solutions that regulate things like temperature, humidity levels, outside air intake, and indoor air quality from a main control unit. Our customized ATC solutions makes you HVAC system much more efficient and drives huge results in energy savings. Our ATC systems are fully BACnet compliant, and can be designed to seamlessly interface with a wide-variety of building mechanical devices including generators, boilers, chillers, and even security systems.

Our systems can be designed to work the way you need them to work. If you want to segment your building versus having ATC in every room, we can help you design a system that accomplishes your goals. Why heat or cool empty spaces? Save on your energy costs and increase efficiency by having the ability to apply ATC room-by-room or by sectioning off your building. Typically, rooms in your facility will run hotter or colder than each other.  Having Trinity Automated Solutions provide you with a custom ATC solutions is your best defense in keeping rooms under control without affecting the entire facility.

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